Power Apps Hero Maker

Our Hero Maker packages exist for one reason, to provide you with a learning roadmap and the training to become a real hero in the field of Power Apps development. But what does this mean?

Within 12 months, you will have experienced every part of the Power Platform and will be able to not only understand its value but also apply that value to the department, business, and organisation that you belong to.

We are maximising the rates of success by putting you in front of the best technical trainers in the industry, who not only train but also actively work in this technology for clients every day. You will learn from their experiences throughout so that you can avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

We have removed the confusion about which courses you need to take to achieve your goal and bundled together the key courses that will take you from a mild-mannered developer to a Power Platform legend.

Finally, each step of the process will provide you with the opportunity to convert your learning into internationally recognised certifications, ranging from Fundamentals to Expert-level Microsoft qualifications. This breaks down into 1 x Fundamentals, 3 x Applied Skills, 2 x Associate, and 1 x Expert certifications.

What will your superpower be? Canvas Apps? Model-Driven Apps? Or the ability to wield all of the technologies to defeat the evil tyranny of inefficiency?

What is in my Hero package?

7 courses packed full of content to drive your success in the field of Power Apps development.

Every course is delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer who not only delivers the content but also brings it to life with their own real-life experiences.

Practice exams are provided through every step of the process to prepare you for tackling and passing the Microsoft exams.

Access to the Vantage 365 Learner Support Microsoft Engage community so that questions and discussions can take place with the trainers and other learners

Every single course provides you with a badge of completion which will make your learning profile overflow with success.

Every course will provide you with a standalone lab environment where you can work through the exercises, try new things, and experiment without worrying about breaking governance and compliance rules within your normal working tenancy

We will provide you with exam vouchers for each of the certification exams that you take.

You will have access to a Learning Manager who can provide you with any additional support throughout the process.

Become a hero today!

There is no better time to take the first steps in your education to become a hero and add even more value to your life and your organisation.

Our guarantee to you…

Should you not be successful on your first exam attempt, you can claim another exam voucher so that you retake it, and go back even stronger. Remember… heroes never give up!

If after the first course, you are not jumping over buildings or punching through walls to get booked onto the next step, you can have your money back!

How do you become a Power Apps Hero?

PL-900: Power Platform Fundamentals

The first course in the Power Platform series introduces you to all of the key technologies that can be found in the family, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Copilot Studio. It also gives an overview of Power Pages, and how AI can be used to create better user experiences in Power Platform solutions.

In this introduction to Power Apps, you will learn more about what Power Apps are used for, before getting into creating apps yourself. It looks at key topics such as using data sourcing, how to design them, and how you can create them from Power Apps Copilot!

This course provides more hands-on experience in creating and managing flows within Power Automate. It covers core subjects including creating triggers, configuring actions, using conditional logic, and creating approvals. Finally, you will learn how to share and collaborate on cloud flows.

In this course, you will practice building model-driven apps, familiarising yourself with Dataverse as you go. You will develop core skills such as creating table, modifying forms, creating views, and pulling it together in a model-driven app.

A Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant is responsible for creating and configuring apps, automation, and solutions. They act as the liaison between users and the implementation team. The functional consultant promotes utilisation of solutions within an organisation.

In this course, you will learn how to take Power Platform development to the next level by consolidating and building on your skills with Power Apps, Power Automate and Dataverse, and then extending the functionality by using code and scripts.

The solution architect takes ownership of the design, implementation, deployment, and adoption of solutions created in the Power Platform. This involves ensuring that the solution satisfies the end user needs, ranging from user experience, to security architecture, not only now but for the future.

Become a hero today!

There is no better time to take the first steps in your education to become a hero and add even more value to your life and your organisation.

What is the cost?


All of this great education from some of the best instructors in the industry is available for this price. This is a saving of over £1,500 when purchased individually.

This is your path, to becoming a true Power Platform Super Hero!

First Steps

To sign up for the Hero Maker, please complete the form. One of our Training Specialists will contact you to onboard you into the programme.

Once they have spoken to you, they will send you your welcome pack, and will discuss the dates of the courses with you.

Sign me up! I want to be a hero!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit to when the courses must be completed?

The Hero Maker package is time bound to 12 months, with lots of opportunities to complete the full set of courses in that time.

How many days will I need to dedicate to completing this package?

To complete each of the courses, you will need to dedicate 16 days to classroom based learning. To fully achieve each of the certifications, you should also consider the same amount of non-classroom time to prepare for and pass each of the exams and assessments.

Do I need to complete each step in sequence?

We recommend that you do the courses in order, especially steps 1, 5, 6 and 7. You can however undertake steps 2, 3, and 4 in any order that you like.

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