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Unlock the full potential of digital transformation with Microsoft Power Apps training. Embark on a journey to master Power Apps and revolutionise how you develop business applications, automate workflows, and integrate data across your organisation.

Why Choose Microsoft Power Apps Training?

Choosing Microsoft Power Apps Training is your gateway to mastering the art of app development with Power Apps. With a focus on low-code apps, this training offers a unique learning journey into the world of model-driven apps and automation. You’ll gain hands-on experience in creating powerful applications that can bring significant improvements to any business process.

This is not just about learning how to use tools; it’s about becoming a problem-solver and an innovator. By embarking on this journey, you also get access to Microsoft Learn, Power Pages, and Power Automate training courses, which are designed to equip you with the knowledge of best practices, security updates, and technical support.

What’s more compelling is the structure of the courses. From the very beginning, you’ll understand the prerequisites, thereby ensuring a smooth and effective learning curve. FAQs, detailed guides, and a free trial are available to help you dip your toes in before fully committing.

This training is not just about using the Power Apps; it’s about empowering you to create apps with a sophisticated UI, harness the capabilities of Office 365 and other online services, and employ automation through Power Automate. By the end of the training, passing the PL-900 will not just be a goal but an achievement on your learning journey. So, don’t wait any longer. It’s time to continue your learning journey, leverage the innovative CoPilot for guidance, and become a key player in your organisation through the effective use of Microsoft PowerApps.

Benefits of enrolling in a Power Apps training course

Microsoft Power Apps training empowers you to create custom apps without the need for extensive coding knowledge. With hands-on, instructor-led courses, you’ll learn to use Power Apps and Power Automate to streamline operations, connect to numerous data sources, including SharePoint, Dataverse, and Power BI, and improve overall productivity. Enrolling in a Power Apps training course not only boosts your skill set but also enhances your organisation’s ability to deploy powerful, custom business apps with ease.

Power Apps Training

Different levels of Power Apps training courses are available

Whether you’re new to app development or looking to deepen your expertise, there are Power Apps training courses designed to meet your needs. From “App in a Day” workshops to comprehensive training on mastering the Microsoft Power Platform (which includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents), you can find the perfect match for your learning pace and career goals. Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and the low-code platform to build powerful apps from scratch and automate workflows with confidence.

PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps

PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps

PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps teaches you how to design, build, and deploy custom apps using Microsoft Power Apps’ Canvas interface.

PL-7003: Create and manage model-driven apps with Power Apps and Dataverse

PL-7003: Create and manage model-driven apps with Power Apps and Dataverse

PL-7003: Create and Manage Model-Driven Apps with Power Apps and Dataverse focuses on building, customising, and managing robust, data-driven applications using Microsoft Power Apps and Dataverse.

PL-900: Power Platform Fundamentals

PL-900: Power Platform Fundamentals

PL-900: Power Platform Fundamentals provides a comprehensive introduction to the core components of Microsoft Power Platform, empowering users to build solutions and automate processes.

What is Power Apps?

Understanding the basics of Power Apps

Power Apps is a part of Microsoft’s Power Platform that allows users to create custom business applications without the need for traditional coding skills. Through a user-friendly interface, Power Apps enables both professional developers and non-technical users to rapidly develop apps that cater to any business need, using a variety of templates or building from scratch.

Exploring the capabilities of Power Apps

The capabilities of Power Apps extend beyond simple app creation. Through its integration with the broader Microsoft ecosystem, such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online, and Dataverse, as well as external data sources through connectors, Power Apps serves as a robust platform for building model-driven and canvas apps. These apps can significantly streamline and automate complex business processes, transforming how you interact with data and automate tasks.

How can Power Apps benefit you?

By learning to use Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, you’ll be able to create custom apps without coding, automate workflows with Power Automate, and harness the capabilities of Power BI for analytics. This comprehensive understanding enables you to build solutions tailored to your business’s unique challenges, significantly improving efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Master Microsoft Power Apps with Hands-On Training from Vantage 365?

The prerequisites for this training primarily include a basic understanding of business processes and needs, familiarity with the Microsoft 365 suite, and an enthusiasm to delve into the world of creating custom apps and automating workflows. No prior experience with Power Apps or Power Automate is necessary, making this course ideal for beginners and advanced users looking to expand their skill set.

What are some of the key learning objectives of this power apps and power automate training?

Delegates will learn how to create tailor-made business solutions through hands-on experience for building custom apps and automating business processes. Key objectives include mastering the fundamentals of the Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint, and Dataverse, understanding data modelling, and gaining the ability to implement advanced Power Apps features for real-world applications.

How can I apply what I learn from the apps and power automate training in my day-to-day job?

After completing the training, you will be equipped with the skills to develop low-code apps that solve specific business challenges, automate tedious manual tasks, and streamline your organisation’s processes. Whether you’re a business analyst seeking to optimise workflows or in a role requiring the development of custom business solutions, you’ll find immediate applications for your new skill set.

What does the syllabus for the Master Microsoft Power Apps training cover?

The course syllabus is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the power platform, including creating custom user interfaces, integrating Power Apps with various data sources like SQL and SharePoint, and using Power Automate for workflow automation. While the syllabus is subject to change to incorporate the latest trends and features, such as AI Builder or Power Apps CoPilot, it always ensures a blend of foundational knowledge and advanced techniques.

Can you provide more details on the hands-on exercises included in the training?

The training includes a variety of hands-on exercises designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the classroom courses. Delegates will work through real-life scenarios that involve building and deploying custom apps, creating automated workflows, and implementing business logic to solve common business problems. These exercises provide invaluable practical experience for building custom, real-world solutions.

Is there a certification available upon completing the Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate training?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, delegates will receive a certificate of completion from Vantage 365 Training. This certificate acknowledges your proficiency in using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to create and implement business solutions. It’s a valuable asset to showcase your new skills to employers.

How is this training relevant for advanced Power Apps users?

For advanced users, this training offers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of data modelling, custom controls, and advanced user interface design. It also covers new and emerging features within the Power Platform ecosystem, such as AI integration and advanced data analytics, ensuring even experienced professionals can find new ways to enhance their app development and automation skills.

How long is the Master Microsoft Power Apps with Hands-On Training course, and what is the mode of delivery?

The Master Microsoft Power Apps with Hands-On Training course is a 1-day instructor-led workshop, designed to provide an immersive learning experience. The course is offered both as in-person classroom courses and as live online training, to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules. Regardless of the mode of delivery, delegates will enjoy the same level of interactivity and access to expert instructors.

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