Power Automate RPA Developer (PL-500) Certification Training

Welcome to the Power Automate RPA Developer (PL-500) Certification Training – the essential course for individuals aiming to become a Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer Associate.

This comprehensive program is designed for those looking to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks using Microsoft Power Automate, a powerful tool in the Microsoft Power Platform suite. Whether you are new to automation or an experienced professional, this course will equip you with the skills to streamline business workflows, integrate Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Cloud Flows, Dataverse, and AI Builder seamlessly.

Upon completion, you will be able to deploy automation solutions effectively, leveraging the features of both Power Automate Cloud Flows and Power Automate Desktop.

Key Details

Level: Advanced
Duration: 4 days
Related Exam: PL-500: Power Platform Fundamentals

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Who should attend the Power Automate RPA Developer course?

This course is ideal for Microsoft certified individuals seeking to specialise in automate RPA development. Candidates should have experience in working with Power Automate, automating email handling, and managing Microsoft Power Platform environments.

PL-500: Power Automate RPA Developer Associate
Robotic Process Automation

What are the course objectives of the Power Automate RPA Developer course?

The main objectives of this training are to empower you to automate tasks by using Microsoft Power Automate, improve and automate business workflows, and enhance productivity with the Power Platform suite of tools including Power BI and Power Automate Cloud.

How will the Power Automate RPA Developer course help me?

By completing this PL-500 certification training, you will gain the skills required to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks by using Microsoft Power Automate for Desktop. You will also learn to integrate automation solutions within your organisation and become adept at creating efficient processes through the power of automation. Moreover, you will learn how to design and implement custom workflows to streamline business processes, reduce manual errors, and increase productivity. By mastering the Power Automate platform, you will become a valuable asset to your organisation, saving time and resources by automating tasks that were previously done manually.

In addition to learning the technical skills needed to implement automation solutions, this training will also cover best practices for designing efficient workflows, ensuring security and compliance, and troubleshooting potential issues. By the end of the course, you will be well-equipped to create and implement automation solutions that drive efficiency and innovation within your organisation.

By earning your PL-500 certification, you will demonstrate your proficiency in using Microsoft Power Automate for Desktop and showcase your ability to drive automation initiatives within your organisation. This certification will not only enhance your career prospects but also position you as a valuable asset to any organisation looking to optimise their processes through automation.

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    PL-500: Power Automate RPA Developer

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    In this course, delegates will learn how to build Power Apps and Power Automate flows, extend the platform to complete business requirements and solve complex business problems.
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Power Automate RPA Developer Course Overview

Module 1: What is Microsoft Power Platform?

In this introductory module, you will visit what the Power Platform is, and how the automation elements of the solution make up part of the larger suite.

Module 2: Power Automate Cloud Flows

This module covers the most common type of development with Power Automate, the cloud flows. You will learn how to create and manage flows, as well as go through more complex topics such as expressions.

Module 3: Power Automate Desktop Flows

In this module, we introduce desktop flows, covering topics such as how we create them, the logic, and how to automate desktop or web applications.

Module 4: Use Desktop Flows from Cloud Flows

Using the knowledge gained in the previous two modules, this module focuses on the combination of cloud and desktop flows to create a fully controlled automated process.

Module 5: Custom Connectors

This module helps to open the doors to other services through the creation of customer connectors, including the use of policy templates and custom code.

Module 6: Deploy and Manage Automation

In the final module, you will learn about configuring machine groups and queues for desktop flows, as well as deployment across other environments. The module also covers topics such as data loss prevention for RPA, and also access to components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PL-500 certification?

The PL-500 certification is the Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer Associate Certification offered by Microsoft in recognition of passing the related exam.

What are the prerequisites for the PL-500 certification?

To pursue the PL-500 certification, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Power Automate and RPA concepts.

What does the course content of PL-500 certification cover?

The course content includes a deep dive into using Power Automate to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, collaborating with stakeholders to improve and automate processes, managing RPA solutions, and more.

What is the importance of the Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer role?

The Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer plays a crucial role in using Power Automate to streamline processes, evaluate solutions for automation, and support solutions through technical expertise.

What does the certification exam PL-500 entail?

The PL-500 certification exam tests your ability to review solution requirements, create process documentation, automate data using Microsoft Excel, and deploy solutions using Power Automate.

How can the PL-500 certification benefit a professional?

Achieving the PL-500 certification could be a great fit for developers looking to specialise in automating processes using Power Automate and advancing their career in RPA development.

What are the course includes of the PL-500 certification?

The course includes training on using Power Automate for desktop and Power Automate cloud, collaborating with administrators to deploy solutions, and managing RPA solutions effectively.

What are the key skills covered in the PL-500 certification course?

The course equips you with skills in implementing automations using Power Automate, working with Power Automate cloud flows, supporting solutions with REST and SOAP, and leveraging JavaScript for automation tasks.

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