Master the Art of Engaging and Professional Slides with Our PowerPoint Intermediate Course!

The Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course offers numerous benefits to enhance your presentation skills.

Participants will gain the ability to visually enrich their presentations by inserting and animating objects, images, and media, making their slides more engaging and professional.

The course provides practical knowledge on creating custom design templates, ensuring your presentations are both unique and consistent. By mastering advanced features such as SmartArt, charts, and animation, attendees can deliver more dynamic and visually appealing presentations.

Additionally, the course includes tips for effective presentation delivery and techniques for collaborating with others, making it easier to work as a team and deliver impactful presentations.

With these skills, delegates will be able to communicate their ideas more clearly and effectively, enhancing their overall presentation capabilities.

Putting PowerPoint skills to use

What is included with the Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course?

Delivery of the Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate, 1-day course

Delivered by a highly experienced instructor

Access to the Vantage 365 Learner Support Microsoft Engage community so that questions and discussions can take place with the trainers and other learners

Meet some of our trainers

To maximise the success of our learners, we use only the best instructors. These instructors are adept at delivering the training material and live and breathe the technology. This allows them to use a huge amount of their own experiences to bring the material to life.

Suzanne Driver

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Who should attend the Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course?

This course is ideal for existing users of Microsoft PowerPoint who want to elevate their presentation skills. It is perfect for professionals who regularly create and deliver presentations, including business executives, educators, marketers, and anyone looking to enhance the visual impact and effectiveness of their slides.

Whether you need to convey complex information clearly, engage an audience with dynamic content, or collaborate with colleagues on presentations, this course will provide the advanced tools and techniques necessary to achieve these goals.

PowerPoint Intermediate
Mastering the use of spreadsheets with Excel

What are the course objectives of the Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course?

Upon completing the Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course, delegates will be able to:

  • Visually enhance presentations by inserting and customizing objects.
  • Animate objects and images to make presentations more engaging.
  • Insert and manage media such as sounds and videos within presentations.
  • Create and apply custom design presentation templates.
  • Collaborate effectively with others on presentations.
  • Use advanced features like SmartArt, charts, and summary slides to improve visual representation.
  • Prepare and deliver polished presentations, including exporting slides as videos or PDFs and presenting in Teams.

How will the Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course help me?

The Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course will empower you with advanced skills to create more engaging and professional presentations. You will learn how to enhance your slides with visual objects, animations, and media, making your content more dynamic and captivating for your audience.

By mastering the creation of custom design templates, you can ensure your presentations are consistent and visually appealing. The course also provides valuable tips for effective presentation delivery and collaboration, enabling you to work seamlessly with colleagues and deliver impactful presentations.

Ultimately, these skills will help you communicate your ideas more effectively, leave a lasting impression, and achieve your professional goals with greater confidence.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Course Overview

Module 1: Enhancing Your Presentations

Learn to collaborate on presentations, create sections, and use Zoom/Summary slides. Master the insertion and modification of SmartArt, charts, and visually represent bullet points for impactful slides.

  • Collaborating with others on your presentation
  • Creating presentation sections and Zoom/Summary slides
  • Inserting and modifying SmartArt and charts
  • Visual representation of bullet points

Module 2: Working with Animation

Discover how to animate text, bullet points, and various objects like SmartArt, charts, and images. Customise motion paths and apply transitions to bring your presentations to life.

  • Animating text and bullet points
  • Animating objects such as SmartArt, charts, and images
  • Adding and customising motion paths
  • Applying transitions

Module 3: Inserting Media in Presentations

Enhance your slides by inserting sounds and videos, and explore the Cameo feature. Record and edit sound bites and media clips to make your presentations more engaging.

  • Inserting sounds and videos
  • Utilising the Cameo feature
  • Recording and editing sound bites and media clips

Module 4: Designing a Presentation

Create and customise design templates to ensure consistency and professionalism in your presentations. Learn to format slide backgrounds and manage the Slide Master effectively.

  • Applying and customising design templates
  • Formatting slide backgrounds
  • Working with and managing the Slide Master

Module 5: Photo Albums

Insert multiple images to create captivating photo albums within your presentations. Customise these albums to fit your specific needs and presentation style.

  • Inserting multiple images as photo albums
  • Customising photo albums

Module 6: Presentation Preparation and Delivery

Prepare custom slide shows and export presentations as videos or PDFs. Learn the best practices for packaging presentations, presenting in Teams, and delivering with confidence.

  • Preparing custom slide shows
  • Exporting slide presentations as videos/PDFs
  • Packaging slide presentations
  • Presenting in Teams
  • Tips and hints for effective presentation delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course intended for?

This course is designed for existing users of Microsoft PowerPoint who want to enhance their presentation skills with advanced features and techniques.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course, although basic familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint is recommended.

How long is the course?

The course duration is one day, consisting of 6 hours of instruction.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn to visually enhance presentations, animate objects, insert and manage media, create custom design templates, and prepare and deliver presentations effectively.

How will this course benefit me professionally?

This course will enable you to create more engaging and professional presentations, communicate ideas more effectively, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Is the course customizable to specific needs?

Yes, the course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for more details.

Will I receive any materials or resources after the course?

Yes, participants will receive course materials and resources to help reinforce the skills learned during the training.

How can I apply the skills learned in my workplace?

The skills gained can be directly applied to create and deliver more compelling presentations, collaborate with colleagues, and effectively communicate complex information.

What support is available after the course?

Post-course support is available to help you implement and practice the skills learned during the training.

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